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You can Heal your Life Workshop

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“Every thought we think is creating our future.” ― Louise L. Hay




You Can Heal your Life Workshop

There was something very therapeutic in what I first experienced at the “You can Heal your Life” Workshop, which was part of my training to qualify as a Heal Your Life teacher/facilitator.

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Less Than 10% of Us Achieve Our New Year’s Resolutions

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2017 has just started and according to numerology 2017 it is a 1 and one represents a beginning and new initiatives of all kinds. One is also the number for consciousness and represents the yang energy, brightness, sunshine and heavenly chi.

So, this is the time to put into practice all our New Year resolutions, although it is only two weeks into the New Year most people have given up on their grand ambitions of losing weight, giving up on stopping smoking and having a more active lifestyle. It’s back to sitting on the couch for hours watching TV series, while smoking a packet of cigarettes and eating your way through a bucket of fast foods.

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The Body Mind Connection

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The Body Mind Connection


What was your New Years resolution?  Mine was to stop watching so much TV.  As simple as it sounds this was a big step for me, who was going to keep me company, who was going to entertain me?  After the the initial shock, I am now reaping the reward ... I have created time!

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