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Individual Rate: R400.00 per session.
A session can vary from one hour to one and a half hours. (This excludes smoking cessation)

Smoking Cessation (individuals): R900.00
(This includes up to two sessions of one to one and a half hours)

Groups: R200 per person, per session of between two to three hours.
(minimum number required per group – 10. Excludes special events)

Emotional Eating Program : R1800.00
(includes 6 sessions over a three month period, telephonic support and a manual)

De-stress Deep Tissue Massage and Guided Visualization : R400.00

Massage including Mxibustion : R300.00

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Hypnosis in Dentistry

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Are You Hypnotizable? Are You Stressed Out? How's Your Memory? Do You Have A Healthy Body Image? How Do You Rate Your Self Esteem?

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