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Time Line Therapy

From the time of Aristotle, people have been searching for a way to adequately describe the human experience of time.
Aristotle, concluded that time is represented by the image of movement along a line, either a circular line ... or a straight line. Today, this still forms the basis of our representation of time.
Our memories, our decisions, our experiences, good or bad, make up our personalities and over time they are stored. How we store them, impacts on how we experience life and manage time.
In Time Line Therapy, the storage of these memories, decisions and experiences are divided into two distinct categories, either “Through Time” or “In Time”. The “Through Time”, personality type, has the ability to see time as, past, present and future in a line front of them. “Through Time” people generally are always on time, but have great difficulty to access a memory as they tend to group memories together. “In Time” personality type, prefers to store their memories from front to back. “In Time” people generally get caught up in the now, making them often late for appointments. The have the ability to be more focused thought and can go easily back to a specific time.
By understanding a person’s representation of time, as a Therapist, you can help delete negative emotions and used with visualization can create compelling futures. It is also used successfully to overcome fears and phobia. Unlike Hypnotherapy, Time Line requires no trance induction. The technique involves just imagining that you are floating above your Time Line, easily moving into the past, present and future to make adjustment and overcome limiting beliefs. Minor anxiety issues can be resolved within 10 minutes!

Time Line Therapy, when combined with Nero Linguistic Programming (NLP), forms a powerful technique to resolve limiting beliefs and values conflict. Time Line Therapy was developed by Tad James.

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